Membership rates.
With effect from 1st May 2018. Annual unless stated otherwise. (Prices are unchanged for 2019)

Full flying membership. This is the only class of membership which allows solo flying. Syndicate members who wish to fly must hold full flying membership. Club members are not to fly if membership fees are outstanding. Includes complimentary and social membership for immediate family/partners. £300

Country Membership. Includes complimentary and social membership for immediate family/partners. £200

Junior. Does not include social memberships.
Up to age 19: £60
Age 19 to 25: £150

Visitors from other BGA Clubs. Free daily membership if the visitor’s club does not charge daily membership to PSGC members, otherwise daily membership will be payable.
£10 per day

Limited Flying Membership. Automatically included with the purchase of a trial lesson flight (via a voucher or paid on the day) and is not transferable.

Daily. Family and friends (including social members), introduced by a full flying member. Limited to 6 flights per year.
£5 per flight

Social and Modeller membership. £50

Affordable Gliding Package. Available to qualifying individuals on a “low income“. Allows one flight per week (weather dependant). For qualifying details call 07720 901935
£520 per year.