Try Gliding

Gliding is not like other forms of flying. True, the controls (elevator, ailerons and rudder) operate very much like powered aircraft and the same principles of flight apply. However without the bulk of an engine in front of the pilot the view and openness is as good as it gets. You really do feel like you are flying like a bird, except without all that wing flapping 🙂 Seated in an enclosed cockpit, it is quiet, warm, comfy, and feels secure. Contrary to some beliefs gliders are not dependant on the wind. They fly just as well with no wind, in fact better. With their very efficient aerodynamic design they can utilise any rising air (thermal, hill lift or wave) to increase height and achieve long flights.

We use tow planes at Crowland to launch the gliders to a suitable height upon which the glider separates from the tow plane. Under tuition you may take control of the glider flying as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Both the front and rear pilots have the same controls. You are normally in the front seat so you can really appreciate the view. Weather permitting your instructor will show you how to find a thermal.

Every glider flight is unique; varying weather conditions being the major  factor. For the first flight we aim for a 20-30 minute flight which we find most people prefer. The included 2 months membership of our club will enable you to have further flights at our normal member rates. Thereafter, should you wish to carry on learning to glide, you will then be able to purchase the normal full membership, giving you access to all the club’s facilities and hopefully before long you will be flying solo. For more information why not visit us one weekend.