Book your flight

but please read below first.

  • You MUST bring your voucher or e-voucher with you.  We will retain the paper voucher, but will need sight of the e-voucher number and PIN. Without presenting either form of voucher you will not be able to fly.
  • Most vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase and the flight must be taken within that period. 
  • Weight and medical matters. If the person to fly is over 15.5 stone or 98 kilo or 6ft 2ins, or there are medical concerns please read our Safety and medical notes. (pdf document)
  • The booking system is for voucher holders (trial flight) only. If you are a temporary member then visit us on the Sat. or Sun. you wish to fly and request  your name to be added to the flying list.
  • For a 3 flight voucher, please book 3 flights. 2 on one day and the 3rd on another is a popular choice.
  • There is no need to select the option to signup or login on our booking system.
  • Enter your contact details. We will use these to try and contact you if flying is not possible on your chosen day, due to the weather. Gliding is weather dependant; it may be fine where you are but raining where we are! We will try and contact you on the day, usually just after our daily 10:00am briefing . If you are travelling far you may want to avoid the 11.00 o’clock appointment for this reason. Please phone us if you have doubts about the conditions on the day.
  • You can book your flight for a Saturday or Sunday. There are six time slots available for each day of which ONLY free slots are displayed. You should receive an automated confirmation email. To cancel your appointment or re-book, then follow the link in the email or failing that send your request via our contact page.
  • Don’t worry if you are running a little  late on the day. It’s not usually a problem for us. We try to be flexible. 
  • You do not have to arrive earlier, but you are welcome to and you may fly earlier.

We want you to enjoy your gliding experience to the full.