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Flying Package Offers

We offer the following 2 packages which are excellent value providing 5 or 10 launches to enable a good introduction to the sport of gliding. Starting at 200, will provide you with 5 x aero tow launches to 2000ft, up to 150 minutes flying time and fully paid up club membership for 2 months from date of first flight. Our package deals should take you from a novice to basic skills level enabling full control of a glider in flight. Only one Flying Package per person, thereafter normal club member rates apply.

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Also see our free vouchers offer.


Promotional Package 5:  5 Gliding lessons

5 aerotow launches to 2,000 feet with up to 150 minutes flying time (total not per flight!). Including pre-flight briefings, instructions, pilot’s log book and record card with 2 months membership of the Club.

Price 200

Promotional Package 6: 10 x 2,000ft Gliding lessons

As per promotional package 5 but with 10 launches and up to 300 minutes total flying time.

After the 10 flights you should be very confident with your flying. This excellent value package is aimed at the prospective pilot, without being committed to a full membership should you decide the sport is not for you.

Price 350